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The New Republic

of Texas

There’s something going on in the US. Something ominous, dangerous, threatening. Democracy is being threatened. It may be too late for the US. It’s not for Texas… If Hank Pennington can wrestle it away and lead it to independence!

Hatching a plan that would cost him far more than he expected, in the end he became president of a new nation, The New Republic of Texas.


Richard Cleveland reached the end of a stressful day only to have to head home in a drizzling rain. He decided to take a long route home through the countryside to clear his head.

The short diversion would change Richard’s life forever. He would come to question his marriage, his beliefs, his entire paradigm. Worst of all he earned that humans were not free but mere PAWNS in a deadly game played by powerful forces.

The Hurting Place

George had turned self-pity into an art form. He wallowed in it, bathed with it, honed it to perfection.

Most people would have written George off as a hopeless drunk. Kids don’t quite see people the same way. Certainly not a kid named Pug.

Pug turned George everyway but loose. He gave George a lot, from love to heart-ache. But the rollercoaster was worth it when Pug gave George The Hurting Place.

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