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From the author:

I wrote this book because I could not write the one I wanted to.  I had a friend, Tiny, who lived in Vancouver, BC Canada, that had a lifetime of experiences with the paranormal.  They were frightening and intense.  When I met her and she began to relate to me her life story I recognized it would make a terrific book.  I asked if I could write it and she said yes.  She gave me a lot of information via email and postal mail.  Then I flew to Vancouver and met her.  That trip had a great impact upon me.

Tiny not only told me her tales but showed me some of the places events took place.  More than her story, however, I learned about the person, the woman, I wanted to write about.  She was fun, kind, open-minded and open-hearted.  Our friendship strengthened and I looked forward to working with her on the book.  I was full of excitement when I flew back to Texas.

Within a few days I had put together the bare outline of her story.  I wrote a short version and sent it to a few magazines.  FATE magazine accepted my piece.  I was ecstatic.  But I had to get an affidavit from Tiny to verify I was telling her story and not just making it up.  That was more than a problem.  It was a disaster.

After I told her what I needed and explained what it was for she put me off a while and then told me to forget the whole idea.  She became defensive.  It was not the Tiny I had met in Vancouver.  Something wasn’t right but there was nothing I could do but drop the book.  Some might think she was making it all up and suddenly became frightened what she said might actually be published.  I am convinced otherwise.  From early on I understood that her experiences were not just in her past, but in her present.  I’m sure her reasons for dropping the story are far more ominous and disturbing than simply being caught in a lie.

Only a few days after her telling me to quit the project she just stopped writing.  I heard nothing for a year and then a few brief emails telling me she’d been badly ill.  After that, nothing at all.

Loosing the book opportunity was depressing.  Loosing my friend was heart-breaking.  After a while I considered what I could do with the information she gave me.  I decided to write a novel somewhat based on her story.  That novel is PAWN.  It’s not exact but it does relate the life she lived.

This book is dedicated to her memory.



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There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.”
Hamlet, Act 1 Scene 5 of Shakespeare

Most people live their lives from beginning to end and never come close to anything out of the ordinary or paranormal.  Sometimes they might see a strange object in the sky or be rattled by some spooky event, but that’s it.  To them the world is pretty straightforward, pretty easy to navigate.  Richard Cleveland was one of those people; until he wasn’t.

Richard often took a drive somewhere before heading home, to clear his head.  One rainy evening, however, the route he took led him right down a rabbit hole.  The trip that should have taken an hour or so took him several hours.  When he got home his wife was unhappy he was out so late and he was astounded at the time.  Something wasn’t right.

A friend and co-worker, Laura,  learned of his trip, the missing time, and saw how he was upset about something.  She coaxed him into going to a therapist who hypnotized him and regressed him back to the rainy night a few days earlier.  If he’d known that would lead him where it did he’d have stayed away and let his curiosity go unanswered. 

Richard and Laura became caught up in a whirlwind of conspiratorial machinations involving aliens, the government and an underground Richard had no clue existed.  Richard was manipulated and threatened.  His life was upended.  His wife left him.  His job became more difficult and his co-worker and friend Laura, for a time, became much more than a friend.

Like all stories, PAWN has an ending.  But, maybe not.  By the end of his adventure Richard was deflated and confused.  He was left with an empty feeling, unsure of what had happened to him.  We have no option but to speculate where his story goes next.

Order this book.  Read it through.  But be prepared for your world paradigm to be shaken.



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