Three Book Special


Now you can get all three books for five bucks!

If you like to read, this offer is for you!

Get the excitement in intrigue of The New Republic, The dark and frightful novel PAWN, and the heart-warming story The Hurting Place, all at once for one amazing price!  

For a limited time I’m offering this offer allows you to experience all the thrills, excitement, intrigue, melancholy and emotional stories!  All three books are in ePub form contained in one zip file for fast download.

Browse each book to discover what each has to offer and then return here and get all three:

The New Republic of Texas    PAWN    The Hurting Place



PAWN A terrifying trip down the rabbit hole!  Richard Cleveland was an average guy working in a Dallas high-rise, living with his wife in the suburbs, doing what every other ordinary guy does.  But destiny, fate, or the stars upended his life, plunging him into a world he didn’t even believe existed.  

Read PAWN, a thrilling and terrifying adventure into a world of secrets, shadows and reality that will challenge your entire paradigm.  

The New Republic of TexasThere are things brewing, dark, secret things, within the government of the United States.  Conspiracy theories are scoffed at and discarded by most people… until they prove to be true!

Paul Anderson uncovered on such conspiracy.  He knew roots of the secret Cabal were too deep now to rescue the American government.  But Texas, his beloved state, could be saved, if it broke away and became a Republic again.

Can it be done?  Who would do it?  Paul approached a rancher named Hank Pennington, a quiet man, Texas native, with a life above reproach to head the effort.  Reluctantly, after being convinced of the threat, Hank agreed.

Find out how Hank led Texas to Independence not to give right-wing radicals more power but to build a new nation for all Texans.

The Hurting PlaceGeorge was nothing.  A nobody.  He was a drunk and a scoffing, stoic bait shop owner by choice.  He deserved nothing more.  Then one day some kid with a freckle-face and an odd nickname, Pug, showed up and changed everything.

That little kid turned George every way but loose.  He ripped George from the depths of his self pity, stole his heart and then broke it again through no fault of his own.  

George was not through with living through Heart break, but this time he had an unlikely person to bring him back: Pug’s mother, Iris.  She drug George out of his morass and they struggled together to deal with what fate had given them.  Only one thing, however, allowed George escape his alcoholic despair forever, a simple parting gift that made all the difference: The Hurting Place.



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