The New Republic of Texas


A Ripped From The Headlines Novel!

Drama! Action! Suspense! Conspiracy!

The Organization begins to take control of the American government.  Most people are blissfully and dangerously unaware of their growth and power.  Who are they?  What do they want?  An investigator named Paul Anderson discovers the conspiracy and tries to uncover the truth.  He learns that their tentacles reach far and wide in Congress and the White House.  But they have yet to get a large presence in the states.  Anderson develops a daring plan to save Texas.  It’s nothing less than having Texas break away from the US and become an independent Republic once again.

There’s work to be done on the process but there’s little question in his mind who needs to lead it: Hank Pennington, Owner of the Bar W Ranch in central Texas.  Pennington is not a political operative but a quiet man going about his business  in the Cattle industry.  Pennington’s father was a political activist and his roots in Texas go all the way back to the first Texas Revolution.  Anderson knew he was the perfect candidate.  He just had to convince Hank of it.



The New Republic of Texas  For Kindle

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Hank Pennington’s family had Texas roots all the way back to before Texas broke away from Mexico.  A distant relative signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.  Hank was a proud Texan.  But he was also a quiet man, happy to ride his horse alone across the vast acres of his ranch.  He was far removed from Texas politics, even as his father had been an active politician.

There was one thing that overrode Hank’s reluctance to be in the limelight.  That one thing was his love of Texas.  When a short, muscular man showed up at his ranch one day everything changed.  The man’s name was Paul Anderson, former Special Forces, currently owner of a company that conducted background checks and did investigations for major corporations and wealthy clients.  The information he shared with Hank shook the quiet rancher to his boots.

Anderson was clear.  The United States was heading towards a dictatorship.  There was little to stop it.  There was a way to keep Texas from becoming a part of it.  That way was to secede.  Anderson showed up at the Bar W with a truly outlandish proposal: Turn Texas into a  Republic and put Hank Pennington right at the top as President.

Hank thought the idea was absurd but Anderson was a good salesman.  Soon the wheels started turning to get Hank elected Governor and then for him to declare independence from the United States and bring the Republic to its feet.  He knew it would be hard but he had no idea how hard. 

Hank lost a great many friends along the way.  He suffered threats and humiliations that would stop some in their tracks.  But he persisted and the illusive dream became a reality.  Neither the world nor Hank Pennington would forget the day he became President of the Republic of Texas.



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